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Resultado de imagen para sleepy teens

Let's read the TEXT: "Sleepy teens"

Resultado de imagen para sleepy teens


  1. There are FACTS and OPINIONS in this article. Make a TABLE and include 2 or 3 items in each column.
  2. CAUSE and CONSEQUENCE. Can you find more? The article mentions several causes and consequences. For example: 
    1. If the adolescent stays up late at night, he/she is tired during the day.
    2. If you sleep late during the weekend,
    3. If you get up and go to bed  at the same time every day,
    4. If you are a teenager,
    5. If you are tired,
    • the body gets the rest ut needs.
    • you can alter/modify your body's clock.
    • you have many problems.
    • you need 6 to 7 hours sleep every day.
  3. Pieces of advice. Find them and turn them into an INFOGRAPHIC with EASEL.LY

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